Relaxing Swedish massage in Dubai


Swedish massage in Dubai

Swedish massage in Dubai is the easiest way to massage. The use of essential oils massage the muscles, enhance body fluid circulation, relieve muscle tension and pain, can promote the body's metabolism, the body for cleaning.

Massage is usually from the soles of the feet or the palm of the hand, along the blood flow to the direction of the heart to promote, mainly to push, swipe, rub, beat hammer several sets of action to moderate pressure massage.

The most important feature is more attention to facial and eye massage. Facial massage movements and more to the main upward and outward, slow and stable, can promote blood circulation, increase facial skin absorption of different nutrients, tighten the lifting profile. Eye is the focus of the face, is the most vulnerable to fatigue and wrinkles of the site, massage movements to gently placate lymphatic detoxification and acupressure-based, relax the Swedish massage.

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