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Japanese Massage In DUBAI  where the use of hand-dial treatment as a means of medical methods collectively referred to as hand-dial therapy. Currently widely popular in the community and legally recognized hand dial therapy with classical massage, Western massage and acupressure three systems, known as the hand dial three methods. Each of the three methods has a variety of schools, the formation of a variety of styles. But because of their development history, technique characteristics and the main academic point of view, but also has its obvious characteristics, are only introduced one of the acupressure therapy is as follows:

Acupressure therapy is a couples to one hand or both hands of the fingers and the palm of your hand, the use of six kinds of basic means that the husband and wife of the other part of the body to the treatment of disease, a massage therapy. (Gastrointestinal disease, some hepatobiliary disease, chest pain, cough, nephritis, etc.); ENT (headache, stroke, neurasthenia, insomnia, etc.); (Endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, irregular menstruation, etc.); there are systemic diseases (arthritis, athlete's foot, diabetes, etc.). Acupressure therapy has its own characteristics, the general principle is based on biology, physics, psychology, philosophy, etc., through the massage therapy to imbalance the body's physical and mental aspects of the function to achieve harmony.

Acupressure therapy is the basic method of "pressure method" can be divided into six kinds:

(1) one-handed thumb pressure method is generally multi-use right-handed thumb press.

(2) hands thumb pressure method is generally applied to both sides of the spine, head, abdomen and other parts.

(3) one-handed four-finger pressure method is mainly adapted to abdominal operation.

(4) four-finger pressure method is mainly applied to the abdomen, chest, back.

(5) single-palm compression method is mainly used in the abdomen, chest, head, face and throat.

(6) double palm compression method for back, waist, chest, abdomen and other parts.


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