Deep tissue massage benefits to the body

Posted on September 25, 2019 at 5:10 PM

Whether you are a professional athlete with a large daily physical activity or a person receiving physical therapy, deep tissue massage can bring many benefits to your body. The main purpose of Deep tissue massage in dubai is to slow down muscle soreness and discomfort, and also improve the body's ability to self-heal. What is deep tissue massage? What are the benefits for our body?

What is a deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage (DTM) is mainly involved in the body including fascia, muscles and joints. Compared with other common massages such as Swedish massage or acupressure, deep tissue massage is usually more Slower and deeper into the inner lining of the body, therefore, the massage therapist exerts deep pressure on the target area of the body, plus most deep tissue massages are usually concentrated in the main muscle groups, such as the neck or lower back; and the joints and tendons that are prone to injury Partly, so deep tissue massage is called "sports massage" by many people. The automatic massage gun that I often see recently is a tool for deep massage.

Deep tissue massage benefits to the body

1 Treatment of chronic back pain:

According to a 2012 study comparing two different massage treatments for chronic back pain, published in a specific study in health technology and informatics research, this study specifically targeted 26 chronic back pains between the ages of 60 and 75. Patients, divided them into two groups. The first group used therapeutic massage. The second group used deep tissue massage. Each massage lasted for 30 minutes for 10 days. During the study, they stopped the treatment they originally received. The final study found that deep tissue massage was found. This group achieved more improvement in pain than therapeutic massage. In addition, a study published in the Science World Daily in 2014 found that DTM treatment alone has similar effects and results in reducing chronic back pain in patients, even those who use NSAID painkillers at the same time.

2 Helps reduce high blood pressure:

A study published in the medical journal found that deep tissue massage has a positive effect on systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial blood pressure readings in adults with pain and high blood pressure symptoms. The study enrolled 263 volunteers with an average age of 48.5 years. All patients had a moderate or severe muscle spasm/muscle strain before treatment, followed by a 45-60 minute massage. At the same time, 21 kinds of music that helped to soothe were played. Afterwards, Scheffe's F test machine was used to analyze the data. The results showed that the average systolic blood pressure decreased by 10.4 mm / Hg after massage treatment, the diastolic blood pressure decreased by 5.3 mm / Hg, and the mean arterial pressure decreased by 7.0 mm / Hg, the average heart rate decreased by 10.8 times/min.

3 Reduce stress and muscle tension:

Inflammation caused by chronic stress and muscle tension can lead to worsening overall health, prolonged recovery, decreased immune function and cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure. After a series of studies, massage therapy can help reduce cortisol levels and even promote oxytocin. The production of (oxytocin), along with the study of oxytocin for many years is very important for controlling various behaviors and emotional reactions of human beings. Nowadays, scientists have discovered that it is likely that all the biochemical mechanisms involved in the brain, including psychological, sensory and emotional functions, Both have an inseparable relationship with oxytocin.

Several mechanisms of natural stress relief for deep massage include its ability to dilate blood vessels and the activity of lower limbic systems, including the hypothalamus, which are responsible for autonomic nervous system regulation and cortisol secretion, measured by heart rate, blood pressure, and heart rate variability. Prove that massage can improve relaxation by enhancing the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system.

4 Improve exercise recovery and performance:

A study published in the journal Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that deep tissue massage is a positive trend in improving exercise recovery and performance. Deep tissue massage that is most beneficial to athletes is considered a sports massage, usually before the start of exercise. Helps warm the body and prevent injuries or immediate improvement.

The report shows that sports massage science has become an increasingly interesting item for athletes, exercise trainers, coaches and exercise physiologists. This study also shows that deep tissue massage can help improve lactate clearance, delay muscle soreness, muscle fatigue, prevention Injury and injury treatment. In addition, the researchers also pointed out that athletes receiving massage have psychological benefits and other studies have shown that they can improve their attention and confidence, although this study still requires more research data analysis in the long run, but tissue healing and massage. Psychological effects are helpful for both professional and casual athletes.

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