The benefits of sports health massage in Dubai

Posted on January 11, 2017 at 1:35 AM

In Dubai, people love football more than anything else. From 8 years ages boy to 80 years man, they can enjoy the football match in the same time. Moreover, men like play football on the court also. But when you finish a football match , what will you do to relax yourself and boost your fuel of your body? A Massage in dubai will do that!


(a) on the function of the nervous system


Nervous system in massage is a kind of benign physical stimulation, the technique is used by the reflection of the nervous system activity. Massage on the nervous system can be excited or inhibition, excitatory process characterized by the emergence of reflex activity and strengthen, show the reflex activity weakened inhibition process and stop. Technique is different, have different effects on the nervous system. Plays, such as excitation kouji practices, while surface touch up sedation, in general, strong and fast technique for excitation, the nerve of light and slow has inhibitory effect on nerves.


(2) the role of sports system


Massage the function of sports system can make the muscle fiber passive activity, cause the pull muscles relax, eliminate fatigue, because the blood circulation to speed up, so that the muscles need oxygen and nutrients to get timely supplement, promoted the absorption and excretion of lactic acid and other metabolites, improve the ability of muscle movement. Adopt appropriate massage technique, in front of the sports can enhance the muscle strength, after exercise can reduce the muscle tone of hyperthyroidism, reduce or even eliminate muscle soreness, enhance the flexibility of ligament, increasing joint range of motion, prevent joint ligament injury caused by excessive force, which has practical significance to sports.


(3) the role of circulation system


By massage, it can improve blood circulation, the improvement of the human body through blood circulation can regulate the excitability of the nervous system (or inhibit), eliminate fatigue, adjust blood pressure, increase disease resistance and so on. Its action principle is: the oxygen in the blood can normal metabolism produces in the process of the movement and accumulation in muscle chemical side most eroded, and massage can make blood circulation acceleration, to not destroy side material within the shortest possible time to the kidney into urea, non-toxic or transported to the liver detoxification, until out of the body.


(4) on the function of the respiratory system


Massage on the function of the respiratory system, deep breath, increase the suction and discharge of carbon dioxide, oxygen, restore the elasticity of the lungs. Well developed at the same time, increase lung capacity and lungs in good condition, massage the whole body or after abdomen, can increase the oxygen requirements, increase in the volume of carbon dioxide to be ruled out accordingly.


(5) the effects on the digestive system


Massage to stimulate the digestive system, gastrointestinal smooth muscle tension, elasticity, shrinkage force increases, thus accelerate gastrointestinal motility; At the same time, through the role of the sympathetic nerve, make the neurons that govern the internal organs, promote the secretion of gastrointestinal digestive juices.


(6) on the skin


Massage first applied to the skin, can eliminate the epithelial cells of local aging, improve skin breath, is advantageous to the sweat glands. The secretion of sebaceous gland. Portions of the massage at the same time, can make skin protein decomposition, produce a kind of histamine or class histamine substance, the substance can active the skin capillaries and nerve, expand capillaries, the blood flow increase, improve nutrition and metabolism of the skin.


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