Neck back SPA massage detailed steps

Posted on January 9, 2017 at 1:35 AM

A lot of OL ladies like to do SPA, you can let the body and mind have to relax and ease the pressure of a neck massage in dubai which is more back by the many white-collar workers are welcome. details today under the back of the neck SPA massage steps, even if not massage parlors can also massage each other at home.


Expert introduction Neck back SPA massage steps:


1. First oil in the neck, has been painted along the back. After the use of a thumb, along the side of the neck once, mean the pressure.


2. In the side of the spine with two thumbs, from the neck along the spine down.


3. Massage back when the pressure from the spine 1 cm. Quickly press to achieve the effect of stimulation, slow to help relax.


4. Press the end of the coccyx to complete the first stage. Then according to the way just according to the other side of the spine, acupressure points as far as possible parallel.


5. Two thumbs are on both sides of the spine, down slowly moving out. Start from the caudal vertebra to the bottom of the neck. The aim is to slowly dissipate energy from the pinch point.


6. Massage the shoulders with kneading. The aim is to eliminate the pressure build up on the shoulders.


7. Thumb pressure on both sides of the spine, at about 1 cm from the spine, gently press down.


Starting from the bottom of the neck, in contrast to step 5, to the caudal vertebrae.

Back massage can make you feel more comfortable, can relieve back fatigue. Massage the back while you can massage the neck, I suggest using massage, because patients with back pain usually neck will also carry some diseases, and the use of massage to get the basic points can be pressed to. At the same time back massage can also alleviate some of the patients with lower back pain, such as lumbar disc herniation and other long-term difficult one-time recovery of the disease!


Many meridians will pass the back of the way, massage the back of the time to massage these meridians, helps to relax the body, which is very practical and those leg pain, of course, some of the pain is not necessarily related to these meridians, but for example hemiplegia involved Legs of the disease, so massage the back of the time to alleviate these diseases have a very good effect.


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