What can you get from a Massage in Dubai ?

Posted on January 6, 2017 at 1:35 AM

Excluding running, setting-up exercise the body types of aerobic exercise, thin leg some of the ways of anaerobic exercise more often, so the leg fat could be turned into hard muscle, this is all girls can't stand. Muscle and increasing, caused the effect is not obvious, however the brace if this movement can't down every day, almost no too big effect.


How to alleviate the leg fatigue, in addition to the bubble hot water, the appropriate massage also has a lot of benefits. How to massage is also a science.


1. The massage lower limbs

Holding the left thigh root in two palms, first will be the whole body strength through JianBei implement in hand, start from the thigh root downward massage to the heel, then up from the foot massage to the thigh root position, once for once, on a 25 ~ 35 times repeatedly, then massage right lower limbs, like the previous operation method.


Lower limb often massage, can improve the blood circulation of lower limb, with a thin channels, scattered stasis analgesic effect, can prevent varicose veins of lower limbs, muscle atrophy and cramps, and can restore the leg fatigue.


2. Rub your leg abdomen


A pair of hands tightly clip on one side of the calf, rotation and knead, knead move around 20 times on each side, and then knead move in the same way the other leg. This method can strengthen the leg strength.


3. Massage the foot


After wash feet, hands rub hot, related parts or meridians gently knead, can massage the feet, can also be local massage, massage more yongquan cave foot (heart) or lr 3 point (after one or two digits joints) or too brook acupuncture point (sag) between medial malleolus highs and Achilles tendon. For dizziness, insomnia, anorexia, dim complexion, fatigue, high blood pressure, such as constipation prevention effects.


This massage effect is better


STEP 1: hands applying pressure from the ankle, dredge the leg muscles to the thigh root, especially in the calf this with the location of the muscle can increase hand, left and right sides each 2 times.


STEP 2: in the leg ministry is adipose populated area, rub hands cross twist turn. Note: do not need to use too much, or it will leave a mark on the skin.


STEP 3: start with two hands from the thigh root to looped massage until crus, this movement can promote adipose thicker parts of the circulation of the blood flow.


STEP 4: two hands on the thighs lymph nodes, gently massage to stimulate the lymph circulation, effectively solve the sedentary do produce big hip problem.


STEP 5: the last press with finger point to an abdomen from the ankle has been soft leg press lateral lymph to the thigh root, conditional body in a bathtub, can be done with the aid of warm water. No bath crock, can be a hand-held shower, one hand to massage.

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