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Posted on January 26, 2018 at 1:20 AM

In Dubai, this modern city, people sitting in front of the computer for a long time, or for a long time to take traffic tools. These are not conducive to good health, of course would be easy to obesity. But don't worry, as long as a day for 1 to 2 minutes massage calf can achieve the result that improve the metabolism. If not, to a strict diet, also can thin come down.


In Dubai Massage legs can raise the body temperature quickly, accelerate the blood circulation and metabolism of the body. Help you burn fat effectively.


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Why just calf massage can improve the body temperature, help to lose weight?


Because of the role of the calf, blood to smooth flow and circulation in the body. The blood due to gravity, about 70% are concentrated in the lower body. Calf accepted constantly flowing down from the upper part of the blood, the gravity effect, like a pump, day and night to the blood draw again back to the heart. Its importance for calf is called the second heart of human body.


The method of calf massage:


Tip: each leg for 30 seconds


Without lifting the massage method (1)

1: to combine behind the chair.

2: his right calf gently on his left knee.

3: keep it move up and down his right foot, massage with the knee to the middle parts of the calf.

Without lifting the massage method (2)

4: move the feet of the inner and outer, to move up and down on both sides of the massage.

After more than 5: used to the action, you can move up and down while rotating ankle to promote blood circulation.

6: with his left foot action remains the same.


Raise your feet movements and cross-legged on one foot


1: take your right leg on the chair, in his chest. With both hands from the leg cartilage to knead knee medial sequence according to the calf.

2: the thumb is in the middle of the calf overlap, the thumb rubbing the calf around the inner and outer.

3: with his left foot action remains the same.

The key to massage legs:

1: want to let the blood flow to the heart, must be in the order from weakness to knee medial to massage the calf.

2: while press with finger with breath keep abdomen flat, is demonstrated in the abdomen to breathe. Then slowly loosen the strength of the finger, while inhaling. Don't try so hard, the slowly to do.

3: use can let a person feel a little sore, but let a person feel comfortable to rubbing strength. Calf compare hard beginning of rubbing action, don't just slowly to do the action. Don't be too hard. If do while smiling can effectively relieve muscle tight situation.

4: no matter when and where, it doesn't matter how several times a day. If you feel pain or very hard, don't force to do the action. After the shower, calf warm when to do the action effect will be better.

5: do this movement have a diuretic, to promote sweat. Before moving to have a drink of water, it is best to drink warm water.


According to the type of symptoms correspond to different parts of the lower leg massage:


Some parts of the body is unwell, can massage the corresponding calf to recuperate. Basic is divided into the medial, lateral, lateral, corresponding to these massage position. For example, if is the body is cold, should consciously massage crus inside. And if it is a headache, backache, you should go to a good massage on the outside of the calf and legs on either side of the central.


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